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Dental Medical Website Hosting

Most medical and dental marketing companies and website developers offer hosting services of some form. Trying to evaluate services and determining if reasonable value is being obtained can be a little difficult... and perhaps uninspiring for someone who would prefer focusing on patients.

Determing Value

Some hosting companies suggest a fee that includes maintenance but doesn't include webpage updates. It merely refers to the assurance that the website is active and operational at all times. If you are paying for this type of service and your montly rate exceeds $30.00 ..... then you are paying too much.

If the hosting fee exceeds $50 per month but includes frequent web page updates (not new pages) and you are indeed obtaining good advantage of this service... then you are receiving a good value.

Some of the Yellow Page marketing companies on the internet offer a package deal where a website is provided along with the yellow page listing. For the most part... these types of website arrangements are of very poor value. They are not inexpensive... contain inadequate material and are underperformers in delivering a sales message to consumers. Website performance is probably the worst in the industry due to bandwidth demands made upon the servers that host these sites. To the end user... a bandwidth problem is experienced as a very slow loading website.

Website Statistics verus Server Log

Most marketing companies provide some type of server statistics that indicate total number of hits, page visits, daily-monthly averaging and statistical graphing. Any website owner that does not have this capability is marketing blindly and should rectify it immediately. Basic statistics at least indicate where internet traffic is coming from and what pages are being viewed.

A better statistical tool is a Server Log that allows capture of which search engine was used, what search terms were used and includes a tracking of a visitors steps through the website.

Most importantly however is the ability to capture how much time is spent on each page...which is critical for serious internet marketing. The feedback from this statistic determines how effective the page is. If a particular page (deemed inportant) is recognized as being of little interest to viewers then measures can be taken to fix the page so it delivers what it is supposed to.... new patients.

Website Marketing and Hosting Summary

1. Ascertain you are receiving good or reasonable value for your monthly fee.

2. Review the quality and usefulness of the website statistics you have access to.

3. Don't have access to website statistics? Change hosting companies - find one that provides them free of charge.

4. Want to fine tune your website so it starts delivering the patient traffic you want for specific services? Then get a server log and learn how to use it (you'll be glad you did).

Acquiring Mastery

Learn as much as you can (between patients) about your website... Find a hosting resource that will teach you what you want and need to know.

Questions about any of this material? ... send us an email contact or call 210-349-3280 and ask for Andrew.

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