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Websites - Build versus Rebuilding

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Website Rebuilding:

Many websites that were built just 1-2 years ago are now becoming inadequate as new patient referral generators. This lack of performance is due usually to three to five different factors.
  1. Competing websites have "moved in" and now overpower previously good rankings
  2. Website still gets found regularly, but referral activity has dwindled to nothing
  3. Search engine algorithms keep changing (e.g., Google) that causes websites to "drop from sight"
  4. Website has never been found .... ever
  5. Search engine result pages containing garbage
For factor #1, newer website owners may have copied certain html coding aspects of your website. This may require a redesign of the underlying html structure of the website. Trademarking and copyrights are now being used for protection against this.

Factor #2 refers to changes in the expectations of website visitors, especially if competing practices deliver more content or more specific information. The website no longer delivers the content that is necessary for generating business (making the phone ring). The only effective solution is to revise existing content or add newer relevant content... based on what patients are seeking.

Factor #3 is an ever-present problem in maintaining a popular website. Search engine algorithms change frequently... as they currently do in Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. It is quite possible to have pages that are very popular one month.... and two months later they are nowhere to be found. Ideally, websites should be designed so they can be "adjusted on the fly" to overcome this headache. Websites that are "adjustable" protect the expensive investments of time and money in your internet marketing.

Factor #4 isn't a big issue if the website was inexpensive to build or was free (some dental entities offer free websites). BUT for practitioners who were sold a bill of goods that promised wow and ego boost costing several thousands of dollars... to own a website that delivers nothing except compliments on how pretty the website is... well.. can be disconcerting. These websites are usually devoid of even the most basic of html coding strategies necessary for today's internet marketing.

Factor #5 refers to search engine garbage: Website listings that come up on the first page of search results that contain nothing related to a particular practice.. but rather contains umpteen repititions of search terms or what appears to being copies of other search engine results. Many of these are called scraper sites, designed to trap people and steer them away from legitimate websites and sell something else. Teeth whitening, plastic surgery, cosmetics (including dental). A real headache ... but can be overcome.
For help in determing which factor is affecting your website, submit an inquiry to get some free advice.

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