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Unwanted Unsolicited Email

Stop Dental Spam Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of our custom email filtering scripts that operate our email servers for our clients, we are now offering different levels of services to clients and non-clients who seek a permanent end to ALL unwanted email activity.

Email Spam - An Anatomy

The forms of email spamming activities have evolved over the years. Although the average email server has become a tad more efficient at blocking or at least marking unwanted and/or virus infected email, the professional spammers manage to find new methods for abusing the internet email system.

Beset with the management of handling the transmission of thousands of unwanted emails, we have developed a group of proprietary "email checking algorithms" that effectively block any degree of unwanted email activity.

Subscribers to this service typically experience a 99.99% effective block within 48 hours. Gone forever are all the emails that clog your email programs in your office and consume costly employee time. Each and every email is cross referenced against a collection of massive national and international spam reporting agencies that track known patterns of spam and the people or organizations that send them.

Large, free or inexpensive email service providers are prime targets for professional spammers. Yahoo email servers, as well as many others, are unable to block unwanted emails efficiently. Professional email abusers are able to break into the popular email servers to gain access to email accounts and use them for not only sending to recipients.... but also to use email addresses to generate emails FROM ... making an unsuspected recipient the sender of objectionable emails.

Money Burning the Email Way

Taking the time to retrieve and review emails can be time consuming and costly.... for the office staff and for the doctors themselves.

Professionals are bombarded almost daily with seemingly honest and valid emails and oftentimes do not suspect they are on email mailer programs that prey on hundreds or thousands of doctors at a time. Promises of new riches, new revenue streams, increased web traffic, more referrals, website optimizing scams that sound too good to be true all have an alluring effect.

Spam-Free Email Although we all try to follow the old adage of "believe 1/2 of what you see and nothing of what you hear" whenever we can... we are tempted somewhat to follow through with certain queries nonetheless. In most cases, these alluring experiences end in economic devastation... either immediate or delayed.

Regaining Control

Everyone has the right to receive ONLY the emails they WANT to receive.

Until now, it has been difficult at best, to block or eliminate email activity that shouldn't be arriving at your office and at home too.

Our bullet proof programming blocks ALL known spammer routes into current email server technologies and cross references the world wide email spam reporting databases thousands of times per hour... assuring a "distilled" flow of email activity that is authentic, genuine and pertinent.

Learn how you can regain control over your email functions, whether for yourself, your entire office staff and your home email too.... As always, our services are backed with a money back guarantee that is also bullet proof and risk free.

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