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Internet Referrals versus Yellow Page Advertising

Medical Dental Patient Photo of Demographic Strategy A good number of medical and dental practices continue to invest heavily for Yellow Page ads. They work very well for some practices. And of course it is reasonable to assume that continuing to invest in this medium is OK....

But for those doctors and practices who have learned to harness the technologies of the internet and the Big Three (search engine algorithms for Google, Yahoo and MSN) they have discovered that they PREFER the patient demographic generated by their website.

Media Matching and Demographics

A General Practitioner who basically does it all without any particular focus on a group of favored procedures will do well with print ads, circulars and yellow page advertising. This medium presents a perfect match for the patients seeking general or routine dental care for themselves and their families.

People who use the internet to seek and research practices, doctors and dentists are NOT seeking general services in most instances. Rather... the internet patient represents a very particular demographic that was probably never generated with any consistency by traditional advertising.

People who use the internet have a particular interest and tend to be goal oriented. They may be seeking something based on price, technological information, evidence of skills, evidence of competence (not the same thing as possessing skills), evidence of being successfully established (read in relatively trustworthy source), etc.

Information Delivery

Websites that are designed to deliver, consistently and persistently, the items of interest to these types of patients overwhelmingly succeed in acquiring them as new patients. Depending on what is being sought... distance and cost become issues of only minor interest.

In the areas of surgery and dentistry people predictably gravitate toward those practices that provide nearly all of the information the person desires. Knowing and anticipating the interests of prospective patients (or your desired patient) is best managed through internet technologies. Learn how to do this well, as have the Internet Elite (see bottom of Domination page).

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