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Functional Websites - An Anatomy

Many.... perhaps most of the websites developed by professional medical and dental website publishers are truly the most aesthetically appealing sites available. And they should be... considering the number of professional graphic designers they have on staff.

But in the Internet World.... beauty and function don't necessarily mix. Extensive use of java script, Flash content and neat looking pop ups interfere significantly with how a search engine spiders the page. Use too much of it... or install it in the wrong places... and you will succeed in having a website that seldom gets found.

Achieving a top performing search result is difficult but not impossible. Knowing how to maintain it and then achieve consistent domination requires much more... for those who desire it.

Practitioner Idiosyncracies

Professional website developers typically promote the use of layouts that have acquired a certain level of standardization. Unfortunately it is the standardization of the website layout that prevents it from being found... considering the level of evolution in current search engine technologies.

No two physicians, dentists or orthodontists operate their practice in the same way. For that reason no two websites should function the same way. A website can and should be created that promotes a practice precisely the same way the doctor promotes it within his/her office. Understand and implement this concept well.. it invariably leads to ROI values that are unheard of.

A New Mindset

Breaking away from standard internet marketing (as defined by the professional developers) is the first step towards establishing a market niche that is maintainable. With a website that accurately mirrors the most successful aspects (or growing aspects) of the practice the website owner can then move forward with additional strategies for maintaining whatever level of presence, domination or persistence desired.

Functional Websites Open the Door

Once the functional site has been established, the doors to successful marketing (to any degree desired) can be opened at will. Assuming that search engine algorithm mastery has been achieved for a given market, ROI is nearly immediate.

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