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Market Domination - Information Delivery Process

Dominate Medical Dental Competition on the Internet

Defining Market Penetration

Different types of practices possess different characteristics for market definition and penetration.

In terms of averages, an internet marketing effort will promote the same level of success currently being achieved within the practice. Although internet marketing can provide a significant boost to any given practice, it does require special efforts to reach whatever level of boost the practitioner is seeking.

Marketing the Current Practice Standard

This is not difficult to achieve. Collecting, assembling and composing materials that reflect the status quo of a given practice can be completed quite routinely. Analysis of competing practices (same level of marketing) produces the technical requirements for achieving the desired ranking result. Website content is determined by what is already existing in a given market area.

Creating - Redefining - Achieving a Higher Standard

Difficult to do and requires research into what is desired and the creation of materials that promotes something that is "soon to be there" in the practice. If competition exists, additional materials are usually necessary to outperform (not search engine performance per se) the impact of other successful practices.

Internet Magic - Eyes of the Beholder

There is no magic.... without the special efforts outlined above, the boost in patient traffic irrespective of the practice standard will not be realized. We have seen many practices experience this event. Serious consideration and effort must be manifested in acquiring the website content that the practice owner wishes to establish as a practice standard.

The practice owners who do make an effort to learn the intricacies of information delivery through the internet and search engine algorithms reap significant rewards. Over time they not only define and secure their niche .... they discover they can create new markets almost at will.

Herein lies the Magic..... an elite group of website owners, the Pit Bulls (see below) are able to acquire new technologies, methods, goods and services... and have domination in their established areas in less than 1 week... We have seen some doctors acquire domination for a new procedure or service in as little as 4 days. ROI occurs in less than 4 weeks. To others... who don't understand the process.. can only perceive it as magic...

The Internet Elite

They exist... in just about every market. Physicians and dentists who make an overwhelming commitment toward internet marketing. They study their competition... anticipate the market ... collect the needed material and become active users of cost effective internet technical wizardry that promotes their practice as the best patient resource in their marketing area. Commitments of time and money are above average... but generate ROI's that many people dream about.

Practices seeking increased definition of their practice standard should understand the difference in Patient Demographics.

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