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  Internet Dental Practice Marketing Learn what is required to obtain and maintain a top performing website. Marketing techniques that are fiscally safe non budget busting and guaranteed internet strategies for getting your website found and attract more traffic more patients high end patients and clients successful no risk

Dental Internet Marketing

We serve the dental and medical communities offering website hosting, internet marketing, technical and support services for Physicians, Dentists, Orthodontists and other professionals who demand a consistent dominating presence in search engines.

Technical and Marketing consultations focus on assuring website owners that their websites achieve desireable positions... above their competitors... in today's popular search engines.

Services are also provided to maintain the internet exposure required for professional practices with specific services.

Top Positioning is Not Enough

Accomplishing a high ranking in the first page of a search engine result is no longer enough to succeed in internet marketing. During the past 2 years especially.... website visitors have acquired the sophistication to expect delivery of precisely what they are looking for. If a website fails to deliver... then the visitor leaves the site.

Constant Change

The internet continues to evolve. A few years ago it was sufficient to have an internet presence to attract new business. Internet entities back then were assumed to be a sign of advanced achievement and technical sophistication, on the part of the practitioner. That is no longer the case (as many website owners having outdated sites can attest to). Websites that seem to offer no more impact than a print ad have limited success... especially if competing websites offer information that go beyond the print ad concept. Read more about Patient Demographics.

Website content must be captivating and stimulating... sufficient to retain a visitor's interest and to keep them ON the page. Material must and can be presented in a fashion that produces the desired result of a phone call or email enquiry. If it is not.... website owners may only be able to resort to hope for a referral possibility. Today's websites must deliver pertinent Information.

Most medical and dental website publishers create probably the most aesthetically appealing websites found today. Ask anyone who has paid several thousands of dollars for these sites about the effectiveness of website beauty.... they will tell you that their website cannot be found. Other Factors that negatively affect websites are listed here.

Learn more of what makes a website truly Functional.

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